Johnny Hall, is the Executive Director of One Voice Mission (Formerly Music Evangelism Foundation). Johnny has been a friend and supporter of OVM for over 30 years. Like his dear friend and predecessor, Jamall Badry, Johnny is a gospel artist who for 35+ years has ministered extensively across North America. Johnny has been nominated for the prestigious Dove Award and has been a guest soloist with the Billy Graham Crusades, numerous Christian television programs, Bible conferences and seminars. In addition to his music, Johnny is a gifted communicator, preacher and mission’s spokesperson. Johnny and his wife, Teri, have three sons and reside in Lake George, CO.


For over 25 years Sherin Detrou was the backbone of One Voice Mission (Formerly Music Evangelism Foundation. Jamall Badry was the face, the guy up front, but behind the scenes Sherin was the one who made it all happen. I can assure you, as great as Jamall Badry was on the platform there would have been no MEF without Sherin.

Whether it was the annual OVM conference or the Down from His Glory concerts or Feed the Children, Sherin worked tirelessly to make sure that everyone was well cared for and that everything would come off without a “hitch”.

And she loved it . . . she thrived on it . . . she had found her place of service to Jesus and she did it all with a smile and that endearing giggle that assured everybody “all was well”.  To our sorrow, within nine months of Jamall’s passing, Sherin entered glory on May 4, 2011.

To say we miss her is the ultimate understatement.  The loss is ours…the gain is hers.  In the words of one of her favorite songs, “But just think of stepping on shore and finding it heaven, of touching a hand and finding it Gods, of breathing new air and finding it celestial, of waking up in Glory and finding it Home.”

Well done, Sherin . . . well done!

Sherin Detrou 2010



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Sponsor conferences, concerts and seminars to exalt Jesus Christ and His word, to call believers to serve the disenfranchised and to engage in the global work of “finishing the task” of world evangelization.


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