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One Voice Mission Presents

A Memorial Tribute to Our Founder, Jamall Badry!

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Wednesday 11/25 at 10:30AM Eastern Time


Jamall launched Music Evangelism Foundation (MEF), now One Voice Mission (OVM), in Colorado Springs, CO in 1981. Being a skilled vocalist and deep lover of Jesus, Jamall had a profound passion for expository preaching and excellence in music.


On August 29, 2010, at the age of 75, Jamall was promoted to Glory. His ministry lives on in the ministry of One Voice Mission. We hope you’ll join us as we draw from our past and present in honoring our founder and friend!


It is not necessary for you to have a Facebook account to join us. When you are asked if you want to set up an account in Facebook just click on “Not now” and fill in the Search Line with One Voice Mission.

2021 Word
and Worship Conference

Postponed because of COVID 19. Please pray with us as we wait for God to give us an opportunity to hold the Conference.

morning Worship with Johnny

Monday mornings @ 10am eastern, 9am central, 8am mountain, 7am pacific


10 Day Cruise

in the Mediterranean

following the Footsteps of Paul.  POSTPONED until September 30 – October 11, 2021



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